House of Kapwa Opening Ceremony

artists: alexx temeña + andrea yarbrough
a project of in care of Black women

The House of Kapwa is an interactive and ceremonial outdoor installation honoring Rest, collective care, ecological grief, and the Filipino indigenous virtue-ethic of Kapwa: shared interconnectedness, or ‘unity-of-self-and-other.’ The House of Kapwa invites us to sense the relationship between how we care for ourselves, how we care for each other, and how we care for the Earth. Read the full project description here.

Oakwood Beach, Chicago, IL, 2023

architectural advisor: roland knowlden
fabricator: building brown workshop
grant + support: E(art)H Chicago

ceremonial leaders: lily mendoza, 
yaw agyeman, solstice

alexx temeñ
updated 10 may 2024