‘Weaving’ Soundbath Ceremony

a production by the haus of glitter performance lab

A ceremonial convening of musicians to record a soundbath meditation in response to the themes of the House of Kapwa public sculpture. Musicians were invited to respond improvisationally in ritual rotation, as they received care through bodywork and guided Rest. Sounds were recorded and alchemized by the Haus of Glitter Performance Lab into a six-minute meditation. Listen to ‘Weaving’ here.

The First Presbyterian Church of Chicago, IL, 2023

ceremony production + care: 
matt garza + trent lee
producer: anthony (AM.) andrade 

musicians: barédu ahmed, joseph kelly, 
ryan garza, sulyiman stokes

videography: sanjay singh
special thanks to rev. david black

alexx temeñaalexxtemena@gmail.com
updated 10 may 2024